• Women’s softball league says thanks

    The Tell City Women’s Softball League would like to thank everyone who helped make its 2015 season another successful one:

    • The city recreation department crew, headed by Jimmy Toothman and Chris Hagedorn, for getting the field ready for each night’s games

    • Team sponsors Alpine House, Cash Waggner & Associates, EverBody’s Fun & Fitness Center, Medcalf Construction and Tri-State Service & Maintenance

  • Perry County Museum Edelweiss Ball a huge success

    On behalf of the Perry County Museum members and the board of directors, I would like to express my sincere thanks to everyone who attended the second annual Edelweiss Ball and to the businesses and industries for their gracious support of the  museum’s number one fundraising event.

  • Obama’s clean power plan flawed

     “On Wednesday, June 24, Gov. Mike Pence wrote a letter to Barack Obama stating that if the EPA’s final Clean Power Plan was not ‘demonstrably and significantly improved’ from the proposed plan the EPA issued June 2, 2014, that Indiana would not comply with the rule.”  

  • Without power but not confidence

    Tuesday evening, Aug. 4, a young hurricane bullied its way through the Bandon area pilfering our electric. I immediately called Southern Indiana Power and reported the outage. This was shortly before 6 p.m.

    About 4 ½ hours later, nearly all the lights and appliances that had gone off at 6, alerted us the outage was over. As I was resetting the blinking clock on the microwave, it occurred to me that we had never doubted we would not get our electricity back.

    I realized we had been taking our reliable electric service for granted.

  • County government should be transparent

    This letter is in reference to the article in the July 27 issue of the Perry County News, in which the Perry County Council is seeking input in the hiring process as it pertains to job openings within the courthouse offices.

    I am in complete agreement with Councilwoman Jody French that there should be guidance and standards in place for the hiring process and open reviews done to determine if the positions should remain full-time, have the hours reduced or done away with completely.

  • Resident opposed to proposed safety tax

    Buried on page 5A of the July 30 edition of the Perry County News is an article indicating the Perry County Council wants to circumvent the property-tax cap by assessing a .25-percent income tax to fund “public safety” expenses.

    The state imposed a property tax cap for an excellent reason – to relieve all property owners of excessive taxation. Immediately after enacting the law, local politicians and school districts contrived to circumvent the law through referendums and other schemes. Remember the tax fight we had with the local school district?  

  • Veterans, know where get assistance

    Greetings all veterans and families. Just a short note to say hello and hope all is well. I know the glass if half full. I went to Mass and Father Brian said, “ It’s a nice morning” I told him that the Indians would say, “It’s a good day to die.”

    Now, to get to the point. If any of you vets are having health issues and need help from the VA you do have resources.

    Yes, your DD-214 is a must. If you don’t know where or when you misplaced it see Wayne Hubert at the Perry County Courthouse.

  • Parish thanks football team for help

    Many thanks to members of the Tell City Marksmen football team for helping move pews back into our church in time for our church picnic Sunday, July 26.


    The Rev. Brian Esarey


    Pastor, St. Augustine Catholic Church, Leopold

  • Thanks for supporting Moose Lodge fest

    Our annual Summer Fest picnic and chicken and pork chop dinner sales this year were another success for our lodge. Thanks to the patrons of Tell City and the surrounding areas for their huge support. Special thanks goes out to our fireworks sponsors. We could not have pulled it off without your help. Thank you all so much.

  • Perry County filled with nice folks who care

    I am writing this letter to all the wonderful folks out there who care. I will cite the happening that I experienced recently.

    On Memorial Day I ate lunch at Denny’s Restaurant, and a nice, young lady and a nice, young gentleman stopped by my booth upon leaving and thanks me so graciously for serving in the military. Come to find out when I was ready to pay my bill, the waitress informed me that the aforementioned couple had paid for my dinner. So, here, I want to publicly thank those fine folks.