• Ben Carson: A compassionate problem solver our nation needs in the White House

    As we get deeper into 2016, it’s going to become even more obvious to the public that the economy has been seriously damaged and broken.

    The people are waking up to the fact that the Washington establishment has been promoting a corrupt status quo that, rather then fixing the economy, has instead, been further destroying it.

  • Kleeman: Thanks for 39 years of support

    Jan. 1 marked my first day being retired from Lincoln Hills Development Corp. after a 39 year career, including 35 years as chief executive officer.

  • Still uninsured? Get help

    Are you working hard at a job that doesn’t provide health insurance? Tired of being worried sick about what a visit to the doctor might cost?  Know someone drowning in medical bills?

    If any of this hits home, there is help.  

    This year alone, a record-breaking more than 8.6 million people have enrolled or had their coverage renewed,

    through the Affordable Care Act Marketplace. Demand is high because people are eager to take advantage of all the cost savings available to them to get insured.

  • Daughters of Isabella had successful raffle

    The Daughters of Isabella would like to thank the following merchants for their support in making our annual raffle a success:

  • Things are booming and life is good in Derby

    As we roll into 2016, I’m going to take a minute to reflect on our past year here in Derby.

    Our small community continues to grow in astonishing ways. A new housing development was done by Rural Land Inc., named Derby Heights, that offers unrivaled views of the Ohio River and wonderful lots that adjoin USFS providing more great opportunities for families to build their future in Derby.

  • Silvsternacht a hit for fourth year

    On behalf of the members of the Perry County Quality of Life Committee, we would like to extend our thanks to the numerous partners who assisted us in the fourth annual Silversternacht celebration on New Year’s Eve.

    This year’s event resulted in even larger crowds that were able to take part in the memorable activities of the evening thanks to the cooperative spirit from local businesses, organizations, and school corporation.

  • Community brightened holidays for hundreds

    The United Way of Perry County would like to thank all the members of our community who helped make Christmas brighter for over 550 children through the Holiday Helpers United Christmas Assistance program. It was truly a community wide effort.

    Special thanks go to the following:

  • Nativity display a tribute to many volunteers

    The Nativity scene Dec. 12 was a great success. The scene was so beautiful and reflected the joyous birth of Jesus.

     I want to thank these following people. Gene Borders for the use of his land and building; Robin Brown with her donkey and goat; Scott Whitehead for the sheep and Brandon Sodrel for his donkeys for the petting zoo. Thank you to the Tell City Police Department for the speaker system; Orscheln Farm and Home for the use of the pen and Betty Cash for opening the Tell City Depot and letting the group get dressed for the scene.

  • Musician still kicking, just not as high

    Folks, I’ll have to make this a very short letter to the editor.

    I know that you all probably have some idea of how busy a musician and a sports fan can be.

    Just to let you known that I’m still kickin’, just not so high.

    I have met many wonderful folks in Perry County in the past 50 years, from 1965 to 2015. Thanks to the folks who helped me along the way.

  • Foundation making our county a better place

    This time of the year, many people are thinking about giving back to others. We’d like to invite you to give back to your community. We can help. And the best part is that anyone wanting to give to a cause can do so through utilizing the foundation as a way their giving will last forever.

    The foundation is a resource in which we grant back money to organizations in a way that donations last forever. A donation can be made to any of our 97 funds and we invest the donations. Then a portion is granted out, and the fund lasts forever.