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  • Works board hires two part-time dispatchers

    TELL CITY - At the request of Tell City Police Chief Greg Hendershot and lead dispatcher Sarah Wheatley, the Tell City Board of Public Works and Safety voted this month to hire two part-time dispatchers. Mark Lautner and Adam Evrard were OK'd for part-time slots. Lautner is a dispatcher for the Spencer County Sheriff's Department while Evrard is a reserve patrolman for the city. Renea Gill and Roger Smith have been the city's only part-time dispatchers and Hendershot said Wheatley has struggled to keep shifts covered when full-time workers are attending training, on vacation or ill.

  • State funding sparks prison-fence upgrade

    BRANCHVILLE – Two Indiana House members have secured funding for an electrified security fence at Branchville Correctional Facility.

    State Reps. Russ Stilwell and Dennie Oxley announced funding last week for the security upgrade, saying the Indiana State Budget Committee had released a $950,000 appropriation for the construction of new perimeter security systems at Branchville Correctional Facility and the Correctional Industrial Facility in Pendleton.

  • Town asks residents to step up

    TROY – "We're in dire need of council members," Betty Linne said at a regular Troy Town Council meeting Wednesday.

    Bob Tuggle had just informed the remaining members, Susie Fortwendel and Ed Sweeney, that "I'm officially not a resident of Troy any more." Explaining he had sold his home, he told them "you're going to have to come up with somebody."

    Linne said political affiliation doesn't matter.

    "Two seats are Democrat, but they've been gone long enough that we can appoint someone," she said.

  • No major leaks, yet
  • Cannelton woman enjoys 'brutal' skating

    CANNELTON – Her first name refers to a sweet children's tale about a little girl lost in the woods. Maybe that's just to lull her opponents into a false sense of safety. Her last name, derived from the expression, "clean your clock," is closer to her job description.

    "One of the girls on the team picked it," said Goldie Klox, a blocker with the nonprofit RollerGirls of Southern Indiana. "I have highlights in my hair and I'm a hard hitter."

  • Children want terminally ill mother released from prison

    TELL CITY – Children of a former Perry County woman now dying of cancer took to the streets of Tell City Thursday, hoping to build public support for their efforts to have her released from the Indiana Women's Prison.

  • New county clerk sworn in

    TELL CITY – Jean Schulthise was sworn in Friday morning as county clerk, filling a vacancy left by the May 1 death of Doris Davis.

    Schulthise has been working in the county clerk's office since February 2008, and was promoted to first deputy there in June of the same year, assuming Davis' duties in her predecessor's illness-related absence.

  • 'Tax break' may cost workers at filing time

    TELL CITY - People enjoying an extra few dollars in each paycheck now should look at how it might affect them later, according to a Tell City accountant.

    Jerry Hoagland said the average worker's withholding was reduced by $13 weekly under an Obama-administration effort to stimulate the economy.

    The Associated Press reported April 30 millions of Americans "enjoying their small windfall from President Barack Obama's 'Making Work Pay' tax credit are in for an unpleasant surprise next spring. The government is going to want some of that money back."

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  • Bank authorizes loan to city after competition arises

    CANNELTON - Cannelton Clerk-Treasurer Arvina Bozarth went to Fifth Third Bank to secure a $19,000 loan to buy a dump truck, but was told she couldn't get one. So she checked with First State and Old National banks, and both said they could provide the money if the city moved its accounts to their vaults.

    After she told Fifth Third's Kelly Malone the other banks were willing to front the city the money, she said, he told her the loan would be possible after all.