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  • Doctor needed

    TELL CITY – A replacement is needed on the county’s health board and letters of interest are being accepted until Aug. 1.
    County Administrator Teresa Kanneberg said at a regular meeting of the county commissioners June 20 Dr. Robert Ward submitted a letter saying he wanted to resign from the board effective July 1. His four-year term expires at the end of this year.

  • COLUMN: Achieving (writing) a life goal

    Trista Lutgring, Feature Writer

    I’m sure you’ve heard of a bucket list; many of you probably have one. These lists generally include things one wishes to accomplish in their life before they pass on. As someone who has seen writing as a hobby since a very young age, one of the goals I have always set very high on my bucket list has been to write a book.

    I am happy to let you know I can mark that goal off my bucket list. At the age of 26, I think that’s a great feat to accomplish.

  • COLUMN: Street car parade coming

    Vince Luecke, Editor

    There’s not much I don’t like about Schweizer Fest, even the extra work it piles onto my desk and those of my News co-workers. We’ve just wrapped up work on the 54th annual celebration’s program guide and are pulling together stories for our Schweizer Zeitung, the yearly special section profiling Tell City’s history.

  • EDITORIAL: Monofill needed, but will it be inflicted on neighbors or quietly inserted?

    A monofill, defined as a landfill serving only one industry, may be inflicted upon or quietly inserted into a farming area in the center of the county.

  • Hanging by a line

    A tee-trimming crew nearly turned their truck over near the old Starlite Drive-In Thursday.

    The truck was traveling with its boom extended, police said, causing it to be top-heavy. It tipped and only the power line caught under the bucket kept it from overturning. The accident caused power outages in several areas.


  • Perry County Substance Abuse Committee awards grants totaling $22,779

    PERRY COUNTY – The Perry County Substance Abuse Committee has awarded grants totaling $22,779 that will aid education, prevention, school and law-enforcement programs across the county.

  • Bible school adventures

    Deer Creek Baptist Church’s annual summer vacation Bible School drew eager youngsters and volunteers. The six-day evening program included Bible stories, games and skits.

  • Author touts need for kids to be outdoors

    Managing Editor
    A lively blend of childhood recollections – hers and those of others – and research make Patty Goffinet’s book, “Go Outside and Play; Why Kids Don’t and Why They Should” a quick and entertaining read.

  • Firm hired to hunt tax-credit violators

    Managing Editor
    TELL CITY – Perry County’s commissioners approved a contract at their regular meeting June 20 with a company that will look for people illegally claiming homestead exemptions.

    The Indianapolis-based SRI Inc. has been handling tax and sheriff’s sales for several years and has also sold some surplus vehicles for local government units via online auctions.

  • Wrapping up a spirit-filled week

    Young members of First United Methodist Church and St. Paul Catholic Church enjoyed four days of fun last week during the congregations’ joint vacation Bible school.

    Activities included crafts – including miniature kites – games, singing and sharing of Bible stories. Thursday’s closing service at First United Methodist included songs students learned during the week. Churches across the county host Bible schools during the summer.