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  • Schweizer Saturday
  • Jury convicts Coalter of murder




    TELL CITY – Jurors deliberated more than six hours Monday before finding Randal Coalter guilty of murder in the March 1 death of David Weedman.

    The verdict, delivered late in the afternoon, followed a week-long trial in which jurors heard contrasting views of Weedman’s death inside his home and the evidence that prosecutor’s said pointed to Coalter.

  • EMS asks county for new ambulance


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    TELL CITY –  When the call goes out for medical assistance, most in the community are accustomed to seeing the blue and red strobe lights of an ambulance. It’s a signal to alert other motorists and pedestrians of the emergency vehicle’s path.

    But what if that light system didn’t work? That was a problem the Perry County Memorial Hospital Ambulance Service recently encountered with one of its trucks.

  • Animal welfare group proposes education program for students


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    TELL CITY – When it comes to curbing animal-control issues, local officials could soon seek assistance from the youngest of residents.

  • Cannelton to increase its volunteer fire department membership


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    CANNELTON – Under-appreciated and under-paid? Many in the firefighting field would probably say yes they are.

  • Team LaGrange wins 2017 Schweizer Fest Scavenger Hunt

    TELL CITY – Members of Team LaGrange, Kent, Cindy and Taylor LaGrange, had their entry chosen in a drawing Monday and won this year’s Schweizer Fest Scavenger Hunt. They correctly identified the 18 locations scattered around the city and win a 12-month subscription to the Perry County News.


    For the record the locations were:

    1. Boat shop (former roller rink) at 714 Tell St.

    2. Sign at An Island in the 300 block of 12th Street

    3. Metal pipe at 413 Main St.

    4. Pint Haus, 1515 11th St.

  • Humane Society sees record turnout ahead of proposed shutdown


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    TELL CITY – Around 30 members of the community attended a Humane Society of Perry County meeting Tuesday, Aug. 12, to voice their concern about the organization’s recent announcement it would be shutting down.

    Charles Falls, one of the chairmen of the organization, began the meeting by explaining his letter from the July 27 edition of the News.

    “I wanted to stir emotions,” he said, about the letter headed with the word ‘betrayal.’

  • Homeschoolers ask for leniency in athletics participation


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    TELL CITY – When it comes to the best education possible, parent Keith Mahaney said his children need school-sponsored sports programs. However, the Mahaney children don’t attend public school, they are homeschooled. That presents somewhat of a barrier since homeschoolers have to make concessions to get onto the field.

    Therefore, Mahaney asked for clarification on the requirements and why Tell City Schools goes beyond the minimum requirements for participation.

  • Four join teaching ranks at William Tell Elementary School

    TELL CITY – The Perry County News is profiling new teachers in Perry County schools. Four new staff members have joined the teaching staff at William Tell Elementary School.


    Jessica Bunch is taking the lead as the elementary’s music instructor. From Rockport, she earned degrees from Indiana State University in elementary education and music education.

  • August solar eclipse: what you need to know

    On Monday, Aug. 21, all of North America, as well as parts of South America, Europe and Africa, will, weather permitting, be able to view a partial eclipse of the sun.

     A total eclipse will be viewable to the select 12.2 million Americans living within the path of totality, a 70-mile band stretching across 14 states from Oregon to South Carolina.

    The moon will pass between the earth and the sun on a west to east trajectory and completely eclipse the sun first in Lincoln Beach, Ore., at 10:16 a.m. PDT and last in Charleston, South Carolina at 2:48 p.m. EDT.