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  • City will continue mosquito-control efforts into fall


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    TELL CITY – Parents sending students back to classes at Tell City schools likely saw lower-than-expected book rental and other classroom fees. According to Superintendent John Scioldo, because of a new state law, more stringent restrictions were placed on what school corporations could charge for many of the needed supplies

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  • Modern-day Huck Finns plying river on flatboat


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    GRANDVIEW – It’s pretty easy to get caught up in life’s luxuries, even the things we don’t necessarily see as luxury. Everyday things such as hot water, fresh food, indoor plumbing, a washer and dryer, a bed to sleep on every night and cell phones that almost seem glued to everybody’s hand. It’s not hard to take what we have for granted. Could you survive for eight weeks with nothing but the absolute basics?

  • Soccer field gets spirited makeover

    TELL CITY – The Marksmen varsity soccer team plans to rejuvenate the soccer field at William Tell Elementary.

    A current project is a plastic-cup mural project-in-the-works initiated by the YMCA. One of the first projects to be started was a kicking wall-billboard with a Marksmen Soccer logo, designed by Amity Lain and donated by the Perry County Youth Soccer League and Ettensohn and Co.

    This will be the backdrop for a veteran’s memorial area, which will house the American flag and Armed Forces flags if enough donations are received.

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  • School district asked to pay more for use of parks


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    TELL CITY -–  Many Tell City Marksmen athletes who step onto a court or ball field often do so partially on the city’s dime. Though it’s not a top-of-mind issue, Tell City government foots the maintenance, up-keep and electricity costs for many venues they own, namely at Hagedorn Park, that are used for high school activities, including Frank Clemens baseball field, the municipal tennis courts, girls softball field and the nearby practice football field.

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  • Aug. 12 hearing set on proposed public-safety tax




    TELL CITY – The Perry County Council will host a public hearing Wednesday, Aug. 12, to discuss a proposed public-safety local-option income tax that, if adopted, would provide funding for a range of public services. However, it would also reduce the paychecks of Perry County residents.

    The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. and will be held in the Schergens Center.

  • County may have to face Deer Lake costs alone


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    PERRY COUNTY – A home constructed years ago at the base of Deer Lake dam, already a source of much consternation for local officials, will continue to be a matter of concern for the foreseeable future. How exactly the county will overcome the “dam dilemma” is a question commissioners wanted to already have answered.