• A sobering look beyond the upcoming election

    Lee Hamilton

    Guest Columnist


    This campaign year has been full of twists and turns. We don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, let alone on Nov. 8. So talking about what comes afterward seems premature. But it’s been on my mind a lot, because I’m worried.

    This is not about who wins the presidency. I’m concerned about the aftermath of this campaign season and how hard it’s going to be for our next set of elected officials, from the president on down, to govern.

  • Straight ticket votes will not count for at-large county council races

    INDIANAPOLIS – Straight party voting has changed in Indiana and this November Hoosiers should take note before going to the polls. Hoosiers will still be able to cast a straight ticket on Nov. 8, but that vote will not count for any individual candidate for county council or town council at-large. Voters now need to select each candidate they wish to elect for at-large county council and town council seats.

  • Gregg visits Perry County
  • Why this Democrat wants a strong Republican party

    Lee Hamilton

    Guest Columnist


    I’ve been a Democrat all my life. I believe in the party’s values, I’m pleased when its candidates win elections, and I’m persuaded the country is better off when Democratic ideas get a fair shake in the public arena. But none of this means that I favor a weak Republican Party. Indeed, just the opposite.

    Before my Democratic friends drum me out of the party’s ranks, let me explain why.

  • Investing in our roads and bridges at the local level

    Lloyd Arnold

    State Rep. District 74


    A top goal and accomplishment of the 2016 legislative session was to provide funds to local levels of government to improve the roads and bridges in their area.

    Our new law focusing on road funding established the state’s Community Crossings matching grant fund, which recently provided about $160 million to Indiana cities, towns and counties on a 50/50 matching basis.

  • A new direction for Cannelton street department

    CANNELTON – “I don’t have a street commissioner. He walked out on me,” Cannelton Mayor Mary Snyder told the city’s board of public works during the Aug. 8 regular session. That was in reference to David Marsh, who had almost a decade at the utility and led efforts there for the last five years.

    According to Snyder, Marsh approached her in mid-July and told her he was quitting. She didn’t go into detail about the conversation but said, “I asked for a written resignation but never got one.”

  • Solving problems together

    U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly

    Guest Columnist


    I have heard over and over again gut-wrenching stories from families across our state who have been devastated by the opioid abuse and heroin use epidemics. After listening to Hoosiers and working for more than two years on efforts to address opioid abuse, I am pleased to share some good news: the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act is now law. 

  • Promoting a safer Indiana for all Hoosiers

    State Rep. Lloyd Arnold

    Guest Columnist


    During the 2016 legislative session, House Republicans placed a special emphasis on enacting policies promoting greater public safety for Hoosiers. Combating the threats that face us right here at home is something those on both sides of the aisle can work toward.

    One of these threats, human trafficking, is unfortunately the fastest growing and second largest criminal industry in the world. Several new Indiana laws focus on combating this heinous crime.

  • Defunding the terror front




    Terrorist violence against civilians in Israel has been accelerating in recent years, amounting to what is now called the “Silent Intifada.” Perhaps it is called silent, because we are not paying enough attention.

  • Budget drafts include raises for county workers

    TELL CITY – In addendum to business conducted at the Perry County Commissioners July 5 session, members of the board plan to request 3-percent raises for all county employees in the 2017 budget. That request will not include highway department personnel.