• Wheels in motion for road upgrades

    Rep. Lloyd Arnold

    House Dist. 74


    Last week, Gov. Eric Holcomb and the Indiana Department of Transportation announced the construction plans for the first five years of the state’s “Next Level Roads” initiative.

  • Fostering safer communities

    State Rep. Lloyd Arnold

    Guest Columnist


    All Hoosiers deserve to feel safe within their homes and communities. In past years, our area has experienced a slight increase in the number of criminal offenses reported by the Indiana State Police.

    While this is an unfortunate circumstance, there are actions that can be taken to combat this trend and increase public safety. New laws recently enacted will protect Indiana residents by better identifying dangerous criminals and addressing high-crime areas.

  • Encourage good media that serves us well

    Lee Hamilton

    Guest Columnist


    I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to journalism, I’m a traditionalist. Old-fashioned, even. But I don’t think it’s a coincidence that even while confidence in the media drops to new lows and Time magazine feels moved to wonder “Is Truth Dead?” on its cover, huge numbers of Americans have come to believe the media is not as authoritative as it once was.

  • Coyle attends Hoosier Girls State

    TELL CITY – Jenna Coyle, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ron Coyle was chosen by the Tell City American Legion Auxiliary to attend the 76th annual session of American Legion Auxiliary, Hoosier Girls State. Girls State was held June 18-24 on the campus of Trine University in Angola.

    Miss Jenna Coyle will be a senior at Tell City High School this fall. She joined approximately 500 other young women for this government program designed to educate our leaders of tomorrow in the duties, privileges, rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

  • Moving day
  • Expanding Indiana’s workforce

    State Rep. Lloyd Arnold

    District 74


    Indiana’s unemployment rate is continuing to fall each month. In general, economists agree that a rate below 5 percent indicates a strong economy. Currently, our statewide unemployment rate is at 3.6 percent. This is lower than the national average of 4.4 percent, and it is lower than all four of our bordering states.

  • Arnold’s bill promoting ATV safety signed into law

    INDIANAPOLIS – Gov. Eric Holcomb has ceremonially signed into law legislation authored by State Rep. Lloyd Arnold (R-Leavenworth) aiming to reduce fatalities of young Hoosiers riding off-road vehicles.

    Arnold championed the new law requiring children under the age of 18 to wear a helmet while operating an off-road vehicle, such as an ATV. He was joined by Ashlee Bruggenschmidt at Sharon Elementary School in Newburgh for the ceremonial signing.

  • Supporting our heroes


    State Rep. Lloyd Arnold

    District 74


    Members of the military and law enforcement officers diligently serve and protect our communities, state and nation. This session I supported legislation that will help these individuals receive benefits they have earned.

  • We the People Hearings
  • A president struggling to get on track

    Lee Hamilton

    Guest Colunist


    I have significant differences with Donald Trump’s political stances, but I want him to enjoy a successful presidency. It’s good for neither the country nor the world when a U.S. president struggles or fails.

    Yet, I also believe that constructive criticism can help a president grow more capable. It’s in this spirit that I want to take a hard look at the Trump presidency so far.