PHOTOS: Vince Luecke
Newly hatched chicks at Orscheln Farm and Home wait to be purchased. A growing number of people are raising small flocks of chickens, taking a staple of the family farm to small cities and towns. Along with fresh eggs, chickens can provide meat and instructions on the value of animal husbandry to children.
Sales of baby chicks brisk at area farm stores




The chirps of newly hatched chicks fill the air of Orscheln Farm and Home and Tractor Supply Co., two Tell City stores that sell young chicks, ducklings and, occasionally, goslings, each spring. Yes, it’s spring and that means a fresh chance to start a backyard flock of laying hens.

More and more homeowners with a little space and a hankering for fresh eggs with their bacon are saying yes to a few hens and a rooster or two. The bedrock of the family farm is becoming more common in small cities and towns.

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