Herald staff photos by Alisha Jucevic
After finishing a home-cooked lunch at the Yoder home Oct. 1 in Daviess County’s Amish country, Nancy Hanks Elementary School second-graders took buggy rides down the gravel road next to the home. Ty Raven, left, and Colten Buntin enjoyed the trip on the back of the buggy, while two classmates sat up front with a member of the Yoder family.

Editors’ Note: This feature appeared in the Dubois County Herald and was written by Leann Burke. It was posted to the Hoosier State Press Association’s Information Network.


“Buggy! Buggy! It’s a buggy!”

The Nancy Hanks Elementary School second-graders heralded their arrival to Amish country near Montgomery in Daviess County while their teachers, Janessa Steckler and Amber Lubbers, chuckled.

“It’s funny because they do that every year,” Steckler said.