Workers tear up product of hard work, love

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I live at 4525 Boyd Road. My hobby and passion is growing beautiful flowers. It is something I love to do and I am good at it.

Two months ago I made five new flower beds with perennials I have been growing for four years.

Two weeks ago, while I was at work, the people who are burying the telephone line all over Perry County came to my yard. What they did to my yard is a crying shame. They tore it completely up and there is nothing left of my five flower beds. I can’t even find a single perennial.

I am outraged and mad as hell. I was given no warning, no one ever said a word. They just came through, tore up whatever they wanted and that was it. I contacted the man in charge, Mr. Ben Histle, and explained what happened. He promised me he would come to my house and take care of the problem. I have still not seen or heard from anyone yet.

All the money I invested, all my hard work and all the love I put into my yard only to have strangers tear it up.

It’s not right. If I went to their yard and did what they did to my yard, I’d be in jail. Now instead of flowerbeds I put a big “thank you for tearing up my yard” sign.