Why the negative spin against Clinton?

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By The Staff

I am responding to the March 24 editorial in The Perry County News that makes references to several articles written about the Clintons. I found the editorial appalling and a one-sided approach to this upcoming election.

Your paper seems to be in lockstep with most of the national media in an obvious attempt to spin everything in a negative and biased way against the Clinton camp.

You said Hillary Clinton's campaign should start sticking to the issues. I was going through some articles by CNN and some other news organizations, within the last week and here are some of the issues the Obama camp has been putting out.

Obama backer Gordon Fisher cites "blue dress" in Bill Clinton attack

Obama adviser and co-chair of his campaign Merrill McPeak compares Bill Clinton to Sen. Joe McCarthy, the communist hunter in the 1950s

Obama Campaign Manager David Plouffe said Clinton would be a "deeply flawed nominee" and suggested it would be nearly impossible for her to win the general election. Plouffe said "she is not seen as trustworthy by the American people."

Obama's foreign adviser Samantha Powers calling Hillary a "monster"

Are these the issues your paper is saying need to be discussed? How ridiculous and negative is that?

Seems to me the Obama camp is continuing to spin these negatives with the help of the media to keep from talking about the issues.

Obama compared Geraldine Ferraro - her statement was blown completely out of context - to Pastor Jeremiah Wright preaching at the pulpit. Wright has been preaching off-and-on hatred and bigotry for the past 20 years. Obama attended his church most of those years.

Again, are these those issues this paper finds as issues?

Obama gave a speech being against the war in Iraq in 2002 in the state senate, but ever since he's been in the U.S. Senate there have been 85 votes on Iraqi issues in which he voted the same as Hillary 84 times. He talks the talk but his actions are not what he says.

I agree that both sides need to stay positive and talk about real issues. There is a lot at stake for the future of our country and I would hope this paper and all papers would start printing about this election in an unbiased and positive way and let the voters decide.

Groves lives in Tell City.

(Other writers respond to The News' editorial in today's print edition.)