What was being built at Lincoln Ferry Park?

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Vince Luecke

It’s not that uncommon to get stumped on a story but true mysteries are pretty rare for me. After a couple of weeks of asking questions, I still don’t know what was being built at the Lincoln Ferry Park near Troy and was subsequently disassembled. Perhaps someone knows what was being constructed and the individual or group behind it.

Many of you may recall a small kiosk-like structure several feet tall, built in an open area in front of the ferry, just across the Anderson River in Spencer County. I never paid much attention to the project and figured someone was planning a historical marker or interpretive panel of sorts. There’s already a similar display at the park.

The project then disappeared. All that was left was a disturbed strip in the sod and, for a time, a small flag.

I asked the Indiana Department of Transportation about the project and was told that the historical society in Spencer County had worked on it. However,  Steve Sisley with the Spencer County Historical Society said the project wasn’t undertaken by his group.

So, the mystery remains.  If anyone knows what was planned and why it stopped, please call 547-3424 or send email to me at editor@perrycountynews.com.

The ferry area and its shelterhouse are used regularly by campers and picnickers and as far as I know, is maintained by offenders from Branchville Correctional Facility. If you haven’t been there lately, pack a few snacks and pay a visit.