We can all be partners in pride

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By The Staff

Small signs placed in the yards of a handful of Tell City homes, and accompanying photos in The News, won't make all the eyesores in Tell City go away. But recognizing everyday efforts at keeping the city beautiful remind us that we can all lend a hand in helping our communities look their best.

The first five recipients of Tell City's Partners in Pride awards were announced this month by the city's common council. Honored were homeowners Betty Vaughn, Melba Ayer, Mary Thelander and Mark Newton and his fiancee, Liz Litherland. The fifth Partners in Pride award was presented jointly to Werner Drug Store and Emmanuel Lutheran Church.

Some may question the value of singling out people who pay careful attention to their lawns and landscaping. But the awards aren't about doting on yards. Mayor Barbara Ewing and other city leaders are trying to recognize people who care about their properties and in a time when foreclosed homes often stand vacant for months and other homeowners care little about how often the grass is mowed, recognizing those who truly care about what's theirs makes sense.

Not many of us can choose who lives next to us and when a neighbor fails to provide even the most basic of care to his property, entire neighborhoods suffer. But when the homes and businesses around us are well maintained, our parcels are worth more.

It's our understanding that Partners in Pride Awards will be presented every month. If you know of a homeowner, tenant or business whose everyday efforts at keeping Tell City looking nice need to be recognized, call your city councilman or City Hall at 547-5511.

Common council members can be reached at the following telephone numbers.

Dianne Rudolph, Ward 1, 547-7589.

John Little, Ward 2, 547-6752.

Gerald Yackle, Ward 3 and council president, 547-4692.

Gary Morton, Ward 4, 547-6109.

Tony Hollinden, at-large councilman, 547-2960 or 547-3441.

We applaud Tell City's efforts at promoting community pride. It's an example other cities and towns should consider.

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