Waldie, Maxwell prove they can win two-man as well as individual titles

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By LARRY GOFFINET Sports Editor TELL CITY—Last year the Schweizer Fest Golf Open switched from an individual tourney to a two-person, best-ball format to create more interest.


The number of golfers has risen, but the winners haven’t changed much. Kevin Waldie won the individual tourney twice and Larry Maxwell won it once the last three years it was held. Last weekend they teamed to win the two-person tourney, shooting 131. They finished two strokes ahead of Bruce Chinn, the 2003 winner, and Brian Elder. Craig Pannett, the 1991 winner, teamed with his son, Jordan, to place fourth at 135, one stroke behind Brett Hagedorn and Jeff Wrye. Keith Pierrard and Randy Peter, who won the second flight last year, moved up to win the first flight this year with a 141. Jeremy Jones and Zach Sanders took the second flight at 146 and Will Marcrum and Ed Ress won the third flight with 160. A total of 55 teams, one more than last year, competed. Prize winners in each flight: Championship Flight 1. Kevin Waldie/Larry Maxwell 131 2. Bruce Chinn/Brian Elder 133 2. Brett Hagedorn/Jeff Wrye 134 4. Craig Pannett/Jordan Pannett 135 First Flight 1. Keith Pierrard/Randy Peter 141 2. Ron Rogier/Reed Kemp 142 2. Alan Malone/John Lyons 142 4. Bruce Milligan/Cliff Rafferty 144 Second Flight 1. Jeremy Jones/Zach Sanders 146 2. Larry Baur/Gary Glenn 148 3. Mike Dickman/Ryan King 149 4. Bill Alvey/Paul Fratturo 149 Third Flight 1. Will Marcrum/Ed Ress 160 2. Greg Conner/Brent Thomas 160 3. Randy Lyons/Dave Young 163 4. Bill Rudder/Ron Etienne 164