waiting for the Perry county courthouse

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It seems to take everything entirely too long to get paperwork to move through the perry county courthouse. Yes we all understand some things take time, but there are numerous items that are simple documents that should not take long. Getting divorce paperwork through the court, the most recent divorce a friend of mine endured, took 6 month instead of 3. It is already a hard enough thing to deal with, but to remain married to someone whom you have already decided was no longer tolerable, but to extend things 3 months past, is rediculous. Both parties were in agreement, no objections from either lawyer, then why does it take so long?? Child support is the same way. Whether is is getting it started, or ended, why does it take so long? There are too many cut and dry things that are costing tax payers too much money, waiting.. and waiting... What are we doing in the courthouse that takes so long???

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time is essential

Agreed that processes could be sped up at the Perry County Court House. The Perry County Court House is to serve the citizens of Perry County. If our services are not being preformed in a timely manner, perhaps it is due time to bring new people in to get the job done in a respectable time frame?