Volunteers brightened residents’ holidays

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The holiday season has come to an end and once again I want to thank the wonderful people in this community and the surrounding communities for helping to make the Christmas season so enjoyable for the residents at Golden Living Center-Lincoln Hills.

Thank you for including residents’ names on the “Giving Trees” and thank you to those who purchased gifts. When they opened the gifts you could see a sparkle of anticipation in their eyes. Some even had tears in their eyes they were so grateful. The gifts were very much appreciated.

Thank you to the groups who came to carol through the hallways. The sound of your voices singing Christmas Carols brought back fond memories for the residents. Thank you to the children who entertained by singing songs and reciting poems. The residents always enjoy visits from the children. Thank you to those who brought cookies, candy and treats to share with the residents. The goodies were very much enjoyed.

Thank you to the children and adults who made cards and small gifts to pass out to the residents.  This brought the residents much joy. Thank you to those who made the beautiful lap covers and pillow cases. The lap covers will help to keep the residents warm and the beautiful colors and patterns of the pillow cases will brighten these winter months for them. Thank you for the house shoes that each resident received. They will feel comfy on their feet during these cold winter months. All of the material things are wonderful and much appreciated but the most joy comes from knowing that people do remember and people do care.

A special thank you to all of the individuals, groups and churches who come throughout the year to help in making life more enjoyable for the residents.

The staff at Golden Living Center-Lincoln Hills think of the residents as our extended family. We are all so grateful for what you do for them to help in making their lives the best and most enjoyable that they can be.

We are so fortunate to be located in such a wonderful community. Your kindness and thoughtfulness are very, very, very much appreciated.

The residents and staff at Golden Living Center-Lincoln Hills wish you a joyful, prosperous and blessed new year. God bless you all.

Staff and Residents of Golden Living
Center-Lincoln Hills

Shelley Lawalin
Activity Coordinator

Lucy Hess
Assistant Activity Coordinator