Veterans: are your discharges recorded at the courthouse?

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Records are confidential and kept apart from public documents

PERRY COUNTY – As Veterans Day draws near, one thing that veterans may want to think about, “have I had my DD-214, military discharge recorded in the county recorder’s office?”  

A DD-214 is an invaluable document for former military personnel of all branches of service of the United States of America.  It can be used for proof of service when applying for a Veteran’s Affairs homeowners loan or to receive medical benefits. The discharge is often requested by funeral directors and family members in order to receive veterans’ burial benefits, including headstones and a flag for the funeral service.

According to Indiana Code 10-17-2 no fees may be charged for recording or copies made of a DD-214.
According to Mary Lee Smith, Perry County recorder, “DD-214s were recorded by Indiana veterans who come back home to Perry County upon being discharged. In the past these discharges were copied and placed in a special and permanent discharge book.  Since 1999 these documents have and are being stored electronically.”

The recorded DD-214 is not a public document and they are maintained in a separate, confidential and secure file.

In the recorder’s office in order for the veteran to acquire a recorded copy of his or her DD-214, the veteran listed on the discharge must provide a photo ID or the county veterans officer, Wayne Hubert, may assist with obtaining a copy.  Recorded copies may also be issued to an employee of the Indiana Department of Veteran’s Affairs, a licensed funeral director who assists with the burial of the veteran, spouse or next of kin of the deceased supported by a death certificate, and others appointed by a court order supported by a certified copy of the court order. Photo IDs are required when requesting a copy of a DD-214.

Another location a DD-214 may be found, especially for emergency medical reasons or for the purpose of funeral arrangements for a Hoosier veteran is the state archives, (317) 591-5222.

Hubert, invites all veterans to stop in at his office to determine whether or not there is a veteran’s benefit they may be eligible for at this time in their life.

For further information,  contact the recorder’s office at 547-4261, the Veteran’s Services Office at 547-2506 or stop by their offices at the Perry County Courthouse in Tell City.