Vandals: Man up

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By The Staff

To those who decided breaking vehicle and business windows and slashing tires are entertaining activities, we offer two words of encouragement.

Man up.

We don’t know that the vandal or vandals whose senseless destruction we reported Thursday was or were male, but the odds are pretty good. For those who missed that story, police reported a number of businesses and cars in Troy and along Main Street in Tell City were vandalized. Authorities aren’t sure if a similar incident in Hawesville, Ky., is related.  

The online Urban Dictionary provides several definitions for the phrase, “man up.” The one that best fits this situation is, “fulfill your responsibilities as a man, despite your insecurities and constant ability to place yourself in embarrassing and unmanly scenarios.”

The first six words of that definition are self-explanatory. Insecurities are evident in the perpetrators’ commission of the crimes under cover of darkness. Their embarrassing and unmanly scenarios will come when they’re arrested and have to explain themselves to police and court officers.

The vandals should know the embarrassment will be shared by family members and others in the community.  

We hope the consequences of the thugs’ actions begin to weigh heavily on their minds, leading them, if nothing else, to refrain from similar actions in the future. To go a step further and man up about the crimes, of course, would mean saying publicly, “I did it, it was wrong and I’m ready to make it right.”

That, however, would require a level of courage not evident in the actions we’ve seen so far.

It’s obvious to the rest of the community, but apparently must be pointed out to one, or two, or a few people that no time is good for causing others needless expense.  Doing so when employers are laying people off or making other cuts just to stay in business kicks the evil up a notch.

If you are the person or one of the people responsible for the damage, we urge you to turn around. Become a resource in our community, not a source of struggle. You have proven you have the power to destroy, but you have to admit it’s a power any child could demonstrate.

Show us your power to create, to help and to support.

In other words, man up.

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