Troy’s growth plan OK with TC council

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Town boundaries could expand by more



TELL CITY – The Tell City Common Council has given its blessing to a plan by its smaller neighbor to annex several hundred acres of land that includes an industrial park developed by Tell City. 

The town of Troy is working on an annexation plan to incorporate areas into the community on both sides of Indiana 545. Town board member Gary Palmer told Tell City Council members the town already offers water, electricity and sanitary sewers in the area and annexing the land will add to the town’s tax base. 

The proposed area extends north of Troy to the Anderson River and includes more than 500 acres. Included are areas of the Tell City Industrial Park, developed by Tell City over the past three decades. 

Because the land sought for annexation is within three miles of Tell City’s corporate limits, and with Tell City having the status of a third-class community, Tell City leaders’ consent was required. 

Since the land was never in Tell City’s corporate limits, there will be no impact on Tell City’s tax rates. The council voiced no opposition and approved the consent. Councilman Gerald Yackle said the city gave similar consent several years ago when the town annexed a smaller area. 

Palmer said the town’s next step is to conduct a fiscal plan to determine what it will cost to provide needed infrastructure. 

Reserve Officer Academy Bound

The city’s Board of Public Works and Safety granted Police Chief Greg Hendershot’s request to send reserve officer Matthew Leistner to the state police academy in 2013. 

Leistner was sworn in as a reserve this summer and Hendershot said he’s done a good job. “Officers he’s been with have been giving good reports about him.”

Reserves are unpaid volunteers but once Leistner completes the academy he will be eligible to work as a paid part-time officer. The city has only a small number of part-time officers to work during vacations and extra-busy periods, the chief said, and having another part-timer would be helpful.

There is no tuition cast to the city for sponsoring an officer through the academy with uniforms, textbooks and other necessities costing less than $1,000, Hendershot said.