Tell City still trying to settle claim for destroyed police cars

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By Vince Luecke

City Hall cornerstone eyed for restoration

TELL CITY - An insurance company has denied Tell City's claim over two damaged police cars totaled last month by an alleged drunk driver, sending the issue to the city's carrier.

Alfa Vision Insurance Co. has declined to cover the two city cars struck by a sport-utility vehicle driven by William O. Thomas of Tell City.

Thomas wasn't the owner of the vehicle, had no license and wasn't on the insured owner's policy.

The city's carrier will cover the two cars, less the city's deductible, through its policy for uninsured motorists. A decision on how to replace the two destroyed cars hasn't been made although the works board last month asked the board to look at the feasibility of purchasing one or more hybrid cars. Assistant Police Chief Greg Hendershot looked at a Toyota Prius but said the cars were not large enough to haul officers' gear.

Cornerstone Restoration

"Tell City is having a special birthday this year and I thought it might be nice if we did something nice for ourselves," said Bruce Badger, superintendent of the Tell City Sewage Department.

He was referring to a stone on the southwest corner of City Hall dedicated when the building was constructed a century ago. Time and weather have worn the engraving on the sandstone, making it very difficult to read, Badger said. He asked for and received permission from the city's board of public works and safety to gather information on how the city might restore the stone.

His first stop, Badger predicted, will be Crawford Family Memorials.

Tell City will celebrate its sesquicentennial Aug. 2-9 and City Hall Park will be a hub of activities, just as it is during every Schweizer Fest.

In other business, the works board approved the use of Joe Schaeffer Park for a Moose-Lodge sponsored Easter-egg hunt Saturday and City Hall Park's use by St. Paul Catholic Church for a June picnic.