Tell City-Perry County Public Library closer to setting behavioral policy

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By Janet Robb

TELL CITY - In response to noise complaints, Tell City-Perry County Public Library Director Larry Oathout compiled a behavioral policy and presented it to board members Wednesday.

This is an accumulation of five or six policies from around the state that addresses several items including cell-phone usage in the library, he told members.

The part of the behavioral policy dealing with cell phones states, "cell phones and other communication devices should be turned off or set to vibrate so as not to disturb other patrons. Patrons are encouraged to take calls in the library entryway or outside. Verbal cell phone usage is not allowed in the computer lab."

Board member Regina Parker said she was in the lab one day and when someone's phone rang and she was happy to see them leave the lab to talk. Oathout said Debbie Seifert, systems administrator, told him since the articles about the issue have appeared in the paper, more people have been leaving the lab when their phones ring.

He asked the board to look over the policies to see if there should be any changes and let him know before the next meeting. Member Colleen Smith said she'd like to add shoes with pop-out wheels to the part of the policy banning inline skates, scooters and skateboards from being used on library property.

In other business, the library is applying for a computer grant that would fund two computers in 2010 and one in 2011 after providing matching funds.

Total circulation for March was up 3.5 percent from 2008 with 17,334. The library also saw some all-time high numbers for computer and Internet usage and visits to the library for March. The number of distinct users were 647. Computers were used 2,388 times for 1,668 hours. Visitors to the library totaled 8,831, while 2,347 patrons visited the bookmobile.