Tax rebates may not arrive until March

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By Vince Luecke

TELL CITY - Property-tax rebates due thousands of Perry County homeowners may not arrive in mailboxes for a few more weeks, the county's auditor said last week.

While some other counties have already mailed out rebates on taxes paid in 2007, Connie Berger said the process of wrapping up last year's tax season is nearly completed and once wrapped up, her staff will begin calculating rebates.

"Everyone in our office is moving as quickly as we can to finish reconciling November's payments so we can begin work on the credits," Berger said. "It's going to take us a little time."

Berger hesitated to estimate when checks may be mailed but said it could be late February or March.

Perry County residents who filed homestead exemptions are expected to receive approximately $544,000 in rebates, part of a $300 million tax relief plan approved last year by the Indiana General Assembly.

The rebates vary by township and rates were established by the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance.

The county is working with Harris Corp., already contracted to oversee some financial services, to process payments. Issuing rebate checks isn't going to be cheap, with the county paying about $2 for each check in fees.

Homeowners who owe back property taxes will see their rebates applied to those delinquencies, County Treasurer Martha Wooldridge said. Once the auditor's office prepares a list of homeowners due credits, the treasurer's office will tag amounts to be applied to past-due bills.