St. Thomas Medical Center dedication, open house Dec. 8

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JASPER – Just 18 months after breaking ground at the corner of 13th and Bartley Streets, the staff of Jasper’s newest medical facility will host a dedication ceremony and open house for the public. The event at St. Thomas Medical Center is slated for 3 p.m. EST Dec. 8 at 600 West 13th Street in Jasper. The Rev. Charles C. Thompson, bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Evansville, will bless the building during the ceremony which will take place outside, weather permitting, under the canopy at the South-13th Street entrance. After the dedication ceremony, the building will be open to the public for tours until 5 p.m.
 “From the very beginning, this project has been patient-centered and focused on providing a convenient and easily accessible setting for people coming into Memorial’s Outpatient Surgery Center and MRI Suite, as well as to my orthopedic office,” said Dr. Daniel Eby, owner of the 56,000 square foot building.
Eby’s medical office-physical therapy suite is located on the second level of St. Thomas Medical Center at the North-Bartley Street Entrance. This state-of-the-art facility for treatment and rehab maximizes the practice’s ability to best serve existing and prospective patients. The large space accommodates an array of services for personalized patient care including hydrotherapy in a HydroWorx pool. This therapeutic and exercise pool has an underwater treadmill designed to provide outstanding rehab results. In addition, an Infrared sauna will be available for patient use to facilitate tissue healing and regeneration. The second floor also features the St. Thomas Chapel, designed and supported by several Catholic priests, for patients’ spiritual healing. Additional medical office space is also located on the second level.  
The first level at the South-13th Street Entrance includes Memorial Hospital’s new Outpatient Surgery Center and Outpatient MRI Suite as well as the medical offices of urologists Dr. Kris Gunn and Dr. David Gilley. Memorial Outpatient Surgery Center has three operating suites and two procedure rooms that are utilized for surgeries and procedures that can be performed safely on an outpatient basis. The Outpatient MRI Suite houses a MAGNETOM Aera magnetic resonance imaging unit with a 70cm “open bore” design which helps reduce the closed-in feeling of traditional MRIs. The short magnet allows for many exams to be performed with the patient’s head outside the system.
The facade of St. Thomas Medical Center consists of glass, brick masonry and architectural panel accents. The building was designed by CSO Architects and BSA LifeStructures, both of Indianapolis. Seufert Construction provided site construction and tenant finish improvements, and Wurster Construction was responsible for constructing the building core and shell as well as the Memorial Outpatient Surgery Center space.
For more information about the open house and dedication ceremony at St. Thomas Medical Center, contact Rita Howell, Memorial Hospital’s director of community relations, at (812) 996-2323 or send e-mail to rhowell@mhhcc.org.