Schweizer Fest worth the work

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By Vince Luecke

For me, Schweizer Fest is a lot like some holidays. There is lots of extra work, so much in fact that finding time to enjoy the actual festivities can be a challenge.  

The weeks before Schweizer Fest have our staff working on our Zeitung, the special section appearing in today's issue, as well as extra stories about festival events. For the past two years, we've also assembled the official programs that contain the week's schedule as well as other information about Tell City.  

It's all worth the labor, but I often don't say that when I'm up to my ears in extra work. But as of late Friday evening, most of the labor was behind us. Zeitung was printed and I and our staff can look forward to this week's events.

Friday's visit of the Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales was a treat for all. With all the cameras out, someone might think a rock star was in the city, not 2,000-pound horses. The Clydesdales were  in Jasper last week for that community's Strassenfest, but made an appreciated visit to our City Hall Park. I'm sure the amount of Anheuser-Busch products to be consumed this week helped lead the horses and their handlers here.

I like all of Schweizer Fest and it's maybe the routine of the week, basically unchanged since I came here in 1997, that makes it pleasantly predictable. We'll be taking plenty of photos this week and will do our best to place many of them on our Web site. So check often at www. perrycountynews.com.

I'm also hoping to offer updates on events, such as Monday's pageants and Wednesday's opening ceremonies.

For me, routine will take over mid-week. I'll check out the park for bargains during the week and watch high-school kids, some nervous but others seemingly ready for any catwalk, show off fall fashions Friday. Over  the course of the few days, I'll patronize most of the food booths, some more than once, and share a beer with co-workers and friends.

Saturday is the really fun day, with morning road runs, diaper derby and pet show. If I keep to my routine of past years, I'll slip home mid-afternoon for a nap and then return Saturday night for some final photos.

There are many people who work longer and harder than I do during Schweizer Fest, from the members of Schweizer Fest Inc. who oversee everything, to the people staffing the booths selling burgers, bratwurst and homemade cobblers. Most of them are volunteers. I get paid for my Schweizer efforts. They don't.

Sunday will be a bittersweet day, sort of like the day after Christmas, as the tables and tents are packed away for another year and firefighters hose off the last of the spilt beer from Main Street. Life will return to some semblance of normal next week. Classes will resume in local schools and summer will fade into fall. Like most everyone else, I'll forget about Schweizer Fest until 2010.

Why So Wet?

The month just ended was remarkably wet and Thursday night's deluge continued an unbelievably soggy summer. Some areas to the north of Tell City received more than 4 inches of rain and sent water over roads and fields.

We received more than 2 inches at home and I was still trying to learn Friday afternoon whether the Anderson River was out of its banks.  

The spring was so wet I was not able to plant some of my most flood-prone areas. The rain has  helped most crops, at least those not impacted by flooding, look good and barring an early freeze, crop prospects look good.

With any luck, the rains will slow, but not stop, during August and September and the fall harvest in October will be one worth writing about, too.