School Board Candidates

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Don Swaney
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13 Candidates are running for 3 open slots on the school board in the upcoming Nov. election.  The News is printing their bios.  To date, none of the candidates have proposed detailed plans outlining what they want to accomplish should they get elected.   Their past records are no indication of their ability to guide our school system for the next four years.  Platitudes like "want the best for our students,"  "feel like I can contribute,"  "need to improve our school system," etc.  tell us these people are not taking the job seriously.  

A public forum is scheduled for October 12, 6 pm, at the Schergens Center.  Hopefully, all 13 candidates will appear and be prepared to answer some tough questions.  Let's pack the room with interested taxpayers.  If we don't get involved, then we get the leadership we deserve.

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I am looking forward to see

I am looking forward to see those detailed plans, our schools need improvements, we need to keep up and eventually take the lead. I am a former graduate too, I am now studying for my mba online, it's something that aimed to do and now I am proud I'm here because this degree will give me the chance to make a difference for my community.

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Julie Hess

No I'm not concerned. I read the same ad and thought, wow, she has a masters in education and is pursuing a doctorate. She's passionate about Tell City and education. We might be able to have someone on the school board who actually knows something about education and cares out this town. The fact that she has a family with young children and she lives here means she has a vested interest in the success of our schools. The last thing I thought about was what she mentioned about her marriage in her first write-up. Her marital status really has no bearing on her ability to serve on the school board.

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We shouldn't be concerned

We shouldn't be concerned about marital status in these situations, what's far more important is the experience these people had in education, being in the system for few good years gives you an idea on the problems you're supposed to deal with and that's an extra point I'd say. Nevertheless I find it all inspiring as I hope I'll have the chance to run a position like this myself, I would struggle to make a difference. But until then there's a long way, I still have to get my master of science in nursing and see where this will get me.

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School Board Candidate Julie Hess

I do not know this candidate personally, I am just trying to make an informed decision as to whom to vote for in the upcoming election. There is such limited information out there. The candidates forum on Sun at 4pm at the high school auditorium should be a real eye opener. How can we trust someone who can not be truthful about members of their own family? In her bio to announce her candidancy, did Julie Hess simply state she had only a daughter? Where in the current issue of the news it is introducing a few more members of her family including a husband and two step children. Did she just recently get married? Is it ok for someone whom does not disclose their family make-up in the beginning but as election day draws near decide its a good idea to campaign with a family photo? Just wondering if this is the candidate we want making decision not only for our school but for our community. Anyone else concerned here?

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Schedule change

I talked to Vince yesterday about why the venue was changed. This was not made clear in the paper. I was under the impression the Oct. 12 forum was still on the schedule until talking to him. He stated it was rescheduled and relocated mainly for convenience and to avoid a pileup with the political forum.

I do not think moving it from the Schergens Center to the school was a good idea. I feel attendance would be better at a neutral location.

Kevin Koelling
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School-board candidates forum will begin at 4 p.m. Oct. 24

The candidates forum scheduled this week will be WEDNESDAY at 6 p.m. at the Schergens Center in Tell City. Candidates for contested county and state offices have been invited to share their views and answer questions at this forum.

The forum for school-board candidates will begin at 4 p.m. SUNDAY, OCT. 24 in the auditorium at Tell City Junior-Senior High School.

An open house has been scheduled for 2 to 4 p.m. that day to allow residents to see work that has been completed at the school.

Proposed questions may be submitted by e-mail to editor@perrycountynews.com, by mail to P.O. Box 309, Tell City IN 47586 or delivered to 537 Main St.

We have a drop box for after-hours deliveries.

Kevin Koelling, Managing Editor

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School board candidates- important questions

I've heard much talk about referendums and taxes but I have some questions that are much more important in my mind to the success of our students, school, and community that if addressed, could ultimately lead to the lower taxes which seems to be the most important issue to many of our residents.

To all candidates, I am interested in knowing what you personally will do as a member of the school board to address the following issues:
A) Improving Tell City High School's low graduation rate of 79.5% which is the lowest I've seen compared to other schools in our area.
B) Improving Tell City High School's low I-Step scores which are also among the lowest I've seen compared to other schools in our area.
C) Hiring the most qualified, experienced, passionate candidates for critical positions who have a proven track record of success and are willing to show their dedication to our community by actually living here.
D) Providing our students a well-maintained environment in which to learn.
E) Increasing the involvement of ALL of our students in extracurricular activities which is so important to their development and growth even if their parents don't have the means or movitivation to support them?

I would like to know your thoughts about discipline in schools.

Lastly, I would like to know your position on collaborating to achieve the best result possible, realizing you sometimes have to compromise with others to move forward OR like Congress, do you intend to vote against any idea that isn't exactly what you want?

I realize that a school board sets policy and does not micro-manage the schools so it is very important for the voters to know how you plan to improve our schools working within those confines.

Don Swaney
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Oct 12 forum

Since starting this article, I have talked to most of the 13 candidates(not all of them). I questioned them at length re their positions on (1)upcoming referendum, (2)their attitude about continued spending on the old school building, (3)consolidation. My intent was to write an article outlining their positions on each subject. However, the paper is reluctant to print it because of it being 3rd-party information. I understand their concern and decided not to publish it.
The NEWS editor will be asking and controlling the questions posed to each candidate. Unless it changes at the last minute, it will not be an open forum that allows audience members to ask direct questions. The editor assured me, however, that the candidates will not be given the questions in advance.
Please attend and evaluate each of the candidates. I can assure you based on my discussions with them that you have some excellent prospects. When you go to the polls in Nov, vote for some fresh faces with new ideas. We know where the existing board members are taking us. Let's toss them out!