Scheduling of city’s spring cleanup, Cannelcades set

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Managing Editor

CANNELTON – Cannelton’s street commissioner announced this year’s city-wide “spring clean-up” the week when the street department collects items not allowed in regular weekly trash pickups, will be April 7-11.

The rules regarding what can be left out for collection will remain the same this year, David Marsh said during regular meetings of the city’s board of public works and council March 10.

One difference was added by the council, however. Residents will see a $1 charge added to their April trash bill to cover the cost of the extra effort.

For the cleanup, during which items too big for regular curbside pickup will be collected, items must be at trash-collection locations on normal trash days, Marsh said.

No construction waste or materials, pallets, refrigerators, tanks, paint, chemicals or tires will be picked up. A limit of one truckload per stop will be enforced, he said.

Marsh reported in May last year’s citywide cleanup resulted in 12 trips to a landfill to dispose of 51 tons of refuse. Mayor Mary Snyder said this month the extra cost was approximately $4,000. That led the works board to recommend and the council to adopt the one-time, $1 charge to be added to residential and business bills.

“It’s worth it, really,” Councilman Jack Harris said during the later meeting before offering a motion to approve it. Utilities Superintendent Phillip Ball said approximately 600 homes receive the bills.

In other business, the board of public works and safety approved dates for this year’s Cannelcade shows.

They’ll be conducted 5 to 9 p.m. May 9, June 27, July 18, Aug. 8, Sept. 12 and Oct. 3. Organizer Ralph Terry asked that they be allowed to go to 10 p.m. but board members expressed concerns about neighbors, specifically those living in Golden Years housing.

“Let’s do 5 to 9 and if you need the extra hour, come to another meeting,” board member and City Councilwoman Lynn Fulkerson told him.

“Let’s see how the first one goes and how people feel about the situation,” member and city Councilman Melvin McBrayer suggested.

Normally conducted in what is known as Gazebo Park, some of the events could be conducted in the city’s Hafele Park, the mayor suggested.

After he recommended the  city designate an events monitor who would ensure events don’t conflict with each other, the board gave Terry the role.

“I don’t mind doing that,” he said.

The works board also conducted an executive session March 11, during which they interviewed two applicants for a full-time street-department position.

“I felt like they were both qualified for the position, but I felt one was more qualified,” board member and City Councilwoman Lynn Fulkerson said in a special meeting that followed.

She offered a motion to hire Logan Wardrip, which was adopted unanimously.