Same-sex marriage ban a terrible mistake

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Recently I read an article by Marlin Betts and in this article he went on to share his views on the state’s proposed amendment to ban same-sex marriage. He is not alone with his views, as they are shared by many in this country who feel that gay marriage goes against their religious beliefs, and wish to uphold the country’s “Christian moral standards.”

He also claimed that it would have a negative economic impact, and that the focus of our state’s legislature should be on living conditions, work force, education, and tax rates.
Mr. Betts, I am sorry to say this but your Christian morals and economics have nothing to do with this subject at all. Bigotry, hatred and prejudice against someone who is gay or bisexual are the only things that are keeping them from enjoying the same rights as everyone else.

You mention how God created man and woman in the Garden of Eden and how that set the moral standards for marriage and the foundation for family values for thousands of years.

No doubt you can find this in the Bible in the book of Genesis. Yes, you uphold your moral standards for marriage, but what of your duty to stone your neighbors for working on the day of the Sabbath as Exodus 35:2 clearly states?

How about selling your daughter to slavery in Exodus 21:7?

Wearing clothing that is only made of one thread, not eating shell fish, divorce, and wearing gold, which is all found in Leviticus? You are quick to defend marriage, but I would like to see your record in defending the latter moral codes.

Let’s ask a better question. What would Jesus do? Jesus never directly mentioned anything about love between two men or two women. The closest thing we have is in Romans 1, and even then it mentions the words “lust” instead of love. Also might I add that many theologians believe that this verse was directed toward pedophilia and not toward the union of same sex couples. So what would Jesus do? Most likely turn a blind eye, not pass judgment and be the bigger person. That’s what Jesus would have done.

Please do not fuel hatred and prejudice by depriving your fellow brothers and sisters of humanity of the right to love and happiness.

Every living creature on this planet wants to be accepted and loved and by supporting gay marriage you will help someone find happiness in life.

By simple acts of compassion and kindness, we can make a better world for all to live in.  
Elijah Bryant
Tell City