Rogier PC boys MVP

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By Larry Goffinet

LEOPOLD—Alex Rogier was named the Perry Central boys Most Valuable Player at the school’s basketball banquet Thursday.

Rogier received nine awards all together. Reuben Schwartz received four awards and Ian Hahus two.

No girls MVP was named, but Katie Schwartz, Hilarie Hahus, Lavina Schwartz, Deidra Dickerson and Rachael Rayford each received multiple awards.

Kevin Rogier, Alex’s father, received a plaque from athletics director Bob Ransome for his years of service and dedication to the boys basketball program.

He was a varsity assistant coach this year and coached the eighth grade team for years and then coached the freshman team for several more years.

The complete list of awards presented to the players:

Varsity boys basketball

Most Valuable Player: Alex Rogier

Best field-goal percentage: Alex Rogier

Best three-point percentage: Reuben Schwartz

Best free-throw percentage: Alex Rogier and Reuben Schwartz

Most rebounds: Alex Rogier and Ian Hahus

Most steals: Alex Rogier

Most assists: Alex Rogier

Leading scorer: Alex Rogier

Best defensive player: Reuben Schwartz

Mental attitude: Clint Cassidy

Most improved: Reuben Schwartz

All-PLAC: Alex Rogier and Ian Hahus

All-PSC Holiday Classic: Alex Rogier

Varsity girls basketball

Best two-point field-goal percentage: Katie Schwartz

Best three-point percentage: Hilarie Hahus

Best free-throw percentage: Katie Schwartz

Best assists average: Rachael Rayford and Lavina Schwartz

Best rebounding average: Katie Schwartz

Most steals: Rachael Rayford

Efficiency award (for best assists to turnovers ratio): Katie Schwartz and Deidra Dickerson

Most improved: Ashley Graves and Hilarie Hahus

Mental attitude: Lindsey Gengelbach and Amy Schwartz

Marcia Ransom award: Amy Schwartz

Sixth-man award: Tessa Lynch

All-PLAC: Deidra Dickerson, Hilarie Hahus and Lavina Schwartz

All-county: Deidra Dickerson, Hilarie Hahus and Lavina Schwartz

All-PSC Holiday Classic: Katie Schwartz

Junior varsity boys basketball

Best field-goal percentage: Tanner Cassidy

Best three-point percentage: Garrett Miller

Best free-throw percentage: Kyle Troesch

Most steals: Derek Thomas

Best defensive player: Derek Thomas

Leading scorer: Tanner Cassidy

Most rebounds: Tanner Cassidy

Most assists: Tanner Cassidy

Mental attitude: Garrett Miller

Most improved: Isaiah Ernst

Junior varsity girls basketball

Best field-goal percentage: Ashley Graves

Best rebounding average: Ashley Graves

Best free-throw percentage: Susan Schwartz

Best assists average: Susan Schwartz

Most steals: Megan Lindauer

Most improved: Victoria Lutgring

Mental attitude: Megan Lindauer