Residents can still register for prison-alert system offered by Indiana DOC

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Subscribers must call from their own phones

By The Staff

BRANCHVILLE - The Indiana Department of Correction, in partnership with the Indiana Sheriffs' Association, continues to provide an automated system to alert residents living near a state correctional facility of public-safety emergencies.

The Alert Notification Service keeps residents informed of prison escapes as well as any potential environmental hazards. Alerts were issued in the wake of escapes in March and in 2008 at Branchville Correctional Facility

In the event of an escape, all registrants will receive detailed information about the escapee, including a physical description and the time of the escape. The automated calls will also relay specific information on other emergencies that could impact nearby homes.

Residents who sign up for the program will be notified via telephone. The system will call the resident for a period of 12 hours every hour on the hour until the resident or voice mail picks up the call or the situation at the facility is resolved. To be notified of an alert, residents must first register for the service.

To register, call toll-free (866) 949-2537 and provide your phone number and the facility's ZIP code. Cell numbers are acceptable.

To be notified of emergencies at Branchville Correctional Facility, the ZIP code 47514 should be entered.