Readers report scam letters, e-mails

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By The Staff

TELL CITY – The News received reports this week about e-mails and letters recipients are certain were attempts to scam them. The first, in the form of an e-mail, read as follows:

Dear Sir:

We are sorry for the delay in the delivery of your parcel. The parcel contain the following documents.

1. A draft winning cheque in the amount of 800,560 British Pounds.

2. Winnings certificate.

3. Payment invoice

Please contact Mr. Peterson Bola with the following information below.

Pyramid Scam

A Doolittle Mills reader called to report a scam letter she received trying to promote a pyramid scheme in which she was supposed to send money to an address with the expectation of receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Be Vigilant

State police and state consumer-protection advocates remind residents not to respond to offers of winnings or to give personal information such as bank-account or Social Security numbers.