Proud to be a community with a big heart

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By The Staff

In Thursday's B section, we published a picture of a few 4-H Shamrock members spending the morning cleaning the Windy Creek Perry County Greenway on the north side of Tell City. Youth from Deer Creek Baptist Church recently cleaned Sunset Park in Tell City, helping prepare that area for last Monday's groundbreaking for a new riverwalk project.

In May, we ran similar images of students from North Perry Head Start cleaning up trash in Leopold Park. Countless Relay for Life fundraisers poured in during the weeks leading up to the main event held Saturday and Sunday and all enjoyed success throughout the county.

We receive many images and hear many stories of community members working to make Perry County a better place to live or doing their part to help others.

We have a strong United Way organization that donates countless volunteer hours and funds to dozens of local nonprofit organizations that benefit our communities and others in need. Businesses and various clubs and groups also make donations or hold fundraisers to gather needed money. We even had a few ladies doing what they could to help with the tragic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, accepting donations of hair clippings and panty hose for the Matter of Trust organization's cleanup effort.

So what does all this say about Perry County? To us, it says our communities are filled with individuals who have giving hearts.

We all know times are tough, so it is very heartwarming to see that despite it all, the people of Perry County still lend a hand when and where they can. Teachers and club sponsors who encourage youth to keep our community clean and stress the importance of helping others guarantee that our future generations will keep up the pace of the humanitarian work we see now.

To the citizens of Perry County, helping those in need is not a burden, but an opportunity to make someone's life better. We help stuff buses with school supplies, provide blankets in the winter and fans in the summer and donate canned goods and other food items to local pantries. Perry Countians have given their time and money to build hope for Tyler Zoglman's family as he battles with liver cancer. Some simply spend afternoons at local nursing homes to provide companionship and entertainment to those who would rarely see it otherwise.

It's this type of attitude that speaks volumes about our citizens. In a time when people are closing their wallets, especially to charities, Perry County continues to show that we are willing to keep supporting those in need.

And we encourage citizens to continue to give. If you can't give financially, consider donating your time. If you are spring cleaning in the summertime, donate old items to local shelters, organizations or churches that could distribute them to those in need.

We are proud to say our community has an open and giving mentality. And we know that same drive to help those in Perry County and around us will continue with our future generations.

So we would like to say thank you for all you do, Perry County, and we look forward to seeing more pictures and hearing more stories about your giving hearts in the future.

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