Property Taxes , Your School, Your Vote

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Election Tuesday is just around the corner.

  • Do you enjoy paying taxes?
  • Want to pay more taxes?

Then listen to the do-gooders that are telling you  if you don't vote for the school tax referendum, "catasrophic" events will occur to your school buildings.  This is the catasrophe:

  • Our country  in the worst recession since the 30's
  • Unemployment at record highs
  • Poverty running over 14% nationally(over 10 years)
  • No hope for events to get better  in the near future

Given these facts, this present school board and Supt. ignore the collapsed economy around them and want to drive this school system further into debt-at our expense.  This behavior borders on insanity.  Their mission is to get their program through at any cost.

If you pass this referendum, Ress, Bryant, and Ron Etienne will attempt to let the contracts and commit the six million before year-end,  knowing  the new board in January may subvert or alter their plans.


Admittedly, this school system need renovating.  Let's begin with the management.

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property tax

I recently posed a question to the treasurers office as to what happens to property that has unpaid taxes ? They are put up for sale in sheriff sale . Well what if no one buys them ? Well then we have a commissioners sale, which we had last year ? And if they still do not sell ? The (residents ) get to live there . So why do any of us pay property tax ? As usual responsible people have to bear the burden for those who are not . Some of these residences are real eye sores not to mention health hazards to the area . When will any changes be made ?

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school tax referendum

Smart Guy!! The need is for every one esp. in Government to cut back and try to get to better times - Good Article with Facts...

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Frankly it's not clear to me

Frankly it's not clear to me yet how is this new board supposed to turn the current school situation into becoming more catastrophic. I've lost touch with the local community news and now that i plan to go back and make a difference I am interested in knowing more. I am former graduate of a local school and I just got my masters in public administration, I am so eager to have the chance to do something good for my community.

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There is so much we need to

There is so much we need to do to change the school system for better and until we don't focus on better selection and better teaching quality and until we don't think less about money nothing good will ever chance. I feel lucky that I have my masters in information technology now and I don't have a student loan, I feel so lucky for that.