Police dismantle alleged drug lab

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Pate faces charge of dealing meth

By Vince Luecke

ST. MARKS - A 53-year-old rural Tell City man faces several drug-related charges, including dealing in methamphetamine, after police uncovered an alleged drug lab inside his home Thursday.

Perry County Sheriff's Deputy Daymion Marsh said David L. Pate of 5533 Accent Road, was being treated Thursday afternoon at Perry County Memorial Hospital after complaining of chest pain.

Marsh said Pate suffers from several health problems and while he wasn't jailed, will be issued a criminal summons to appear in court.

Marsh said Pate granted permission for him and Tell City Cpl. Marty Haughee to search the home. Haughee said Pate had made purchases the day before of items commonly used to make meth.

Pate allegedly admitted to having a small quantity of marijuana in the house but Haughee said he found a jar in which meth was being manufactured, Precursors used to make the drug were also found, officers said.

The meth-dealing count Pate faces is a Class B felony that could send him to prison for as many as 20 years.

He also faces charges of possessing paraphernalia and marijuana, maintaining a common nuisance, possessing chemical reagents with the intent to manufacture meth and illegal storage of anhydrous ammonia. Pate is also charged with a single count of possession of stolen property after officers found a chain saw they said had been reported stolen.

Guns were also found in the house, Haughee said, and their presence at the scene could increase the severity of some charges.

An Indiana State Police team handled the removal of the alleged meth lab and precursors.