Perry County, who do you think you are?

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Bicentennial committee, others sponsoring Jan. 4 geneaology workshop

TELL CITY - To kick off Perry County’s 200th Anniversary, the Perry County 200th Committee, Lafayette Spring Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the Perry County Library want to help you find out. At 10 a.m. Jan. 4, join the chapter at the Perry County Library for a free genealogy workshop.

Perry County officially became a county in the Indiana Territory in Nov. of 1814. This was two years before Indiana even became a state in 1816. Were your ancestors here before that time? Can you claim that your family was a founding family of Perry County? What role did they play in organizing Perry County or even the state of Indiana?

Do you have ancestors that fought in the American Revolution, War of 1812, Mexican or Spanish Wars? Did your ancestors fight for the North or the South during the Civil War? Perry County had citizens who fought on both sides.

Who are you, Perry County?                                                                                Did your family hear the calls in the late 1850s from the Swiss Colonization Society, made up of Swiss and German people, for the planning of a new city along the Ohio River in Indiana? Or did they hear about a Catholic priest who had named a town after their Belgian king, a place where they would feel welcomed and at home in this new country?

Who are you, Perry County?
Did your ancestors answer the newspaper ads in the North to come to work in the largest Cotton Mill in the state of Indiana or were they here by the force of General Sherman from the South? Were your ancestors coalminers, farmers, merchants?
Who are you, Perry County?

Do you know if your family was here before the beginnings of the World Wars, the Depression or the 1937 flood that devastated our economy and so many lives? Who were your people and how did they influence who you are?

At this workshop, attendees can learn the basics of genealogy at the genealogy dept. in the Perry County library, including where to search in Perry County for records and what can be learned from them. Attendees will also learn about census records and helpful websites.

The chapter wants to help you get started in knowing who you are, Perry County.