Perry County is a great place to call home

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I was reading the stories on the front page of the Dec. 12 B section. I like them and agree with every one of them.

Tell City is a small town and it always will be. I have lived here all my life. I cannot see me living anyplace else. Bigger cities have a lot more crime and traffic.

There are a lot of good people living here. I think it is just a shame though you can’t even buy a 2-by-4 board here in town. Some new stores open, some close. Do you ever get ahead?

Look at the big impact if Ivy Tech and the movie theater close. I am glad we have Waupaca and ATTC. They offer a lot of jobs.

Also, why is the gasoline so much cheaper across the river? It does not make sense. I would also hope to see new stores and restaurants out by the new hospital. One last thing, can you tell me what Tell City has that other small towns don’t?

Is it the kind of people? Perry County has a lot to offer but can they offer more?

I am proud to call Tell City home.

Thomas C. Labhart
Tell City