Perry County develops geniuses

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By Jamie Guillaume

Editor’s note: The Quality of Life Committee sponsored by the Perry County Development Corp. is partnering with the News to present the stories of people who have moved to Perry County or who have returned here after several years away. This column was written by Jamie Guillaume.

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Being a mother of three young boys has its challenges when attempting to raise them to be respectful, successful and godly men. I can honestly say that I, along with their dad, are very proud to raise them in Perry County, where we feel all of these characteristics can be achieved.

Perry County has many opportunities for kids to develop and pursue their interests. Recently, the Perry Central school district has been reading, studying and grant writing with the goal of creating a way to help students not only discover what their passion is, but to provide school time to allow students to pursue, learn and develop their personal interests.

Studying, reflecting and thinking about this idea of channeling and focusing on personal interests and talents has recently led me to examine my own life and how to best guide my children. It has made me very grateful to live in a community with so much opportunity for a child to be well-rounded.

Leadership, collaboration, sportsmanship as well as countless other character traits can be taught to our children right here in Perry County.

These traits can be developed by students joining groups such as 4-H, Key Club, FFA, student council and We the Youth, just to name a few – all of which pride themselves in helping students become future leaders.

Athleticism and sportsmanship can be developed here in Perry County through the numerous sports that can be pursued year-round, given the travel and multiple leagues available to students.

Even avenues such as technology and robotics can be nurtured through classes and teams in our county.

My son recently started an art class with a local artist and the same opportunities are also available in the music field.

The bottom line is that Perry County students are very fortunate in that whatever their interest, passion or inquiring mind wants to pursue, classes, teams and organizations are available to help them develop and grow in any field of their choice.

Granted, the burden of helping students decide and discover what their talent is – and everyone has a talent – does fall upon parents, teachers, coaches and sponsors; it is a small price to pay for the various opportunities.

A speaker and author I recently had the pleasure to learn from, Angela Maiers, explains that everyone is a genius at something.

It makes me proud to live and raise my boys in a community where no matter what their genius is, Perry County has opportunities for them and all students to develop their interests and passions resulting in them and all students growing into successful and happy citizens.

Guillaume is a teacher at Perry Central Community School Corp.