Perry Central Captains Club honorees

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The Perry Central Captains Club recognized elementary students who increased testing scores in one content area and maintained scores in all other areas. The distinction, called "Up in one, down in none," included first-grade students. 


In row one, from the left, are Zane Fears, Bradley Smith, Ethan Durbin, Trista Jones, Teyah Mullis, Chloe Mullins, Gavin Wallace, Madaline Herzog and Audrey Popp.

In row two are Lanie Mullis, Allison Myer, Savannah Schaad, Lain Powers, Rylie Horrom, Bailey Schwartz, Kaydyn Jarboe, Jada Zellers, Wyatt Sitzman, Atticus Park and Treyton Hermann; row three, Celena Peter, Hunter Kellems, Bryce McManaway, Jayden Schwartz, Naomie Schultz, Addison Sommer, Aiden Schwartz, Justin Zorn, Caleb VanWinkle, Lila Schwartz, Connor Winters and Chase Stephens.

In the fourth row are Seven Whistle, Dakota Saalman, Peyton Hays, Adam Daum, Regan Borden, Kaylab Kidd, Dakota Kellems, Cole Yeager, Claire Hughes, William Weaver, Jace Tepe, Megan Dicus and Caleb Howell; row five, Hunter Smith, Kyleigh Embry, Landen Hubert, Summer Porter, Autumn Frye, Lucy Whistle, Beau Schaad, Leigh-Lyn Humphrey, Gavin Collins and Alex Bryant and in row six, Cohen Edwards, Julia Walsh, Drake Haycraft, Gabby Stowe, Jayden Hayden, Aubreigh Gogel, Parker Jones, Waylon Hagedorn and Caden James.