Parks board discusses apparent crack in restroom tank

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Sports Editor

CANNELTON – The Perry County Parks and Recreation Department just had its truck repaired and is now wondering what to do about a crack in a restroom tank at its Wilkerson Park.

Don Litherland of Greenwood Auto Repair installed new upper and lower ball joints on the department’s truck for $465.

His bid was the cheapest of four that County Recreation Director Adam Tempel solicited.

Tempel told the parks board Wednesday that he thinks there is a “crack in the tank somewhere” at the women’s restroom at the department’s park in Rome, as ground water is seeping into the tank.

“I don’t think there’s anything we can do about it except have (the 1,000-gallon tank) pumped out more often,” he said. “It’s only the tank on the women’s side.”

Since the ground water’s seeping in causes the tank to fill more quickly, it is now being pumped once a year at a cost of $400 to $500 – the cost for pumping both tanks, which are pumped at the same time.

“If we didn’t have this problem, we wouldn’t have to pump it every year,” said Tempel.

Board member Rick Newton noted that is still cheaper than renting portable toilets for the site, as the board did before the restroom building was erected. “I suggest we just watch it and see if it’s going to cost us any more.”

Board member Pat Clark said, “If it really gets to be too much of a problem, I think we can have someone come in and clean it out and spray it (with a sealant).”

In other business:

• Tempel told the board he had applied for a $5,000 Operation Round Up grant from Southern Indiana Power to help finance building restrooms at the Magnet park.

The maximum grant allowed under that program is $5,000. “It’s a $15,000 project total, but we could possibly get an 80-20 Scenic Byways grant (from the federal Department of Transportation),” said Tempel.

Then whatever money the parks board receives from the Operation Round Up program could be used as the board’s 20 percent match for the Scenic Byways grant.

• Tempel noted that the Eagles Bluff Park at the overlook above the Cannelton Locks and Dam will start observing its longer summer hours March 10, when daylight saving time begins.

The park will then be open 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week. Under current winter hours it is only open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.