One Kangaroo Court fugitive nabbed; two at-large

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By The Staff

TELL CITY - One of three Kangaroo Court fugitives was identified last week, leaving two runaways on the loose.

Larry Hagedorn was identified as Fugitive 1 by a single clue, "I have lived in Perry County all my life, but moved to Tell City when I was a teen."

Kathy Schneider of Tell City won when she asked Hagedorn the required question: "Are you the Tell City Kangaroo Court fugitive?"

She wins $50 from William Tell Antiques in Tell City.

Kangaroo Court Clues

Here are the two previous clues for Fugitives 2 and 3 and a new clue for each.

Fugitive No. 2

Clue 1: I graduated high school in 1972 and have no children.

Clue 2: My favorite restaurant is Red Lobster and my favorite soft drink is Coca-Cola.

Clue 3: If you were looking in a 1972 Tell City yearbook for me, good try, but I did not attend Tell City High School. In fact, I was not born in Tell City. I moved here in the early 1980s.

Fugitive No. 3

Clue 1: I attended Franklin School and graduated from Tell City High School.

Clue 2: I used to play volleyball and some football in high school.

Clue 3: My favorite restaurant is McDonald's. I always wear a hat and boots and love to drink Mountain Dew.

A clue to each suspect's identity will be given in every issue of The News. A $50 cash bounty is offered for each fugitive.

Questions to possible fugitives must be worded exactly. "Are you the Tell City Kangaroo Court fugitive?"

If a fugitive is asked that question exactly the fugitive will hand over a card the winner can use to claim the bounty.

Questions must be posed in person. Telephone calls or e-mails don't count.

All the rules can be found at www.williamtellantiques.com.