Ohio Valley Gas extending service to Branchville

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TELL CITY – Motorists traveling Indiana 37 have likely noticed a major installation project underway in recent weeks. What some have thought to be a water or wastewater line is actually a new natural-gas pipeline that will serve Branchville Correctional Facility.

Ohio Valley Gas Co. said the line will be installed through early  next year and begins  on the east side of Tell City and will follow Indiana 37 to Branchville.

This new pipeline will also provide the infrastructure for future natural-gas line expansion in northern Perry County, the company said.

The installation of the gas line is part of a larger energy-savings project the Indiana Department of Correction is doing at the Branchville Correctional Facility, Ohio Valey Gas said.

The state could save as much as $1 million per year of tax dollars once the project is complete.

“The Indiana Department of Correction had several choices for fueling the prison.  Energy comparison studies by the state of Indiana have shown that natural gas was the best choice for decreasing energy costs at the prison, even with the prospect of installing several miles of new pipeline,” Ohio Valley Gas said in a release.