No reassessment for Spencer County

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By The Staff

ROCKPORT - Spencer County officials have been successful in their attempt to prevent a reassessment of some property classes, changing the minds of some in the state office of the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance.

"We're very, very pleased," said Spencer County Assessor Sara Arnold after learning of the news.

The Indiana Department of Local Government Finance sent a letter to Arnold Nov. 14 explaining its decision not to issue a directive order for the county to reassess or re-trend any properties.

The letter explained that the state's analysis originally indicated that property assessments in Carter Township were "outside the acceptable range of uniformity" required by state code.

"You presented new evidence to the department at the public hearing that sufficiently demonstrated that certain sales involving improved commercial parcels in Carter Township should not have been considered in the county's initial sales assessment ratio study," the letter to Arnold said.