No end seen in war on drugs

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By The Staff

What is it with drugs, anyway?

Yet another meth lab has turned up in Tell City. Thinking about the presence of drugs and drug use in a small community such as ours, and how many other small and large communities throughout the United States are facing the same issues, is truly mind-boggling.

Billions and billions of dollars of public money have been spent in the war on drugs over the past several decades, and yet, illegal drug use continues to be one of the biggest cash businesses in the United States. The question is, why?

None of the vast apparatus of drug producing, transporting and selling could exist without one thing - demand. Clearly, there is an unending demand and desire for drugs in America, and the willingness to do whatever it takes to get the money for them, including robbery, fraud and murder. Why do so many people want these drugs?

There is no question that drugs are destructive - of bodies, minds, families and communities. Many a promising life has been destroyed by drugs. Untold numbers of children are adversely and terribly impacted by drug use in their homes and schools.

These things are not secrets. Anyone with an ear to hear and an eye to see knows the truth on this issue, and we can all see the cost of this epidemic. Even so, millions of people continue to engage in illegal drug use.

Why would anyone willingly take up something so destructive? Can anyone in the community enlighten us on this? Are there any habitual drug users out there who can explain the benefits of their drug use?

We'd really like to know.

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