New School Board

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The TC NEWS reported that the first meeting for the new board revealed conflict between the two new members and the existing members.  No surprise.  By reappointing Ress, nothing  changed.  The three-member bloc(Bryant, Ress, Hoagland) will control the agenda going forward until the next election cycle. 

It is difficult for me to believe that the majority of local voters allowed Ress to continue in the position, knowing where he stands on spending.  With great effort, we defeated the tax referendum this past election.  What did the board do immediately afterwards?  They  ran the corporation further into debt by floating a bond issue.  Bryant and his two cohearts could care less about public opinion.  In two years, we have an opportunity to replace Bryant and Hoagland.   Let's not make the same mistake again.   We should  replace both with two fiscally responsible members. 

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Really ??/ No surprise???

Well basically that's how the whole country is being runned . We want taxes kept low but still want the same services.