New library parking lot ready for use

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By Janet Robb

TELL CITY - The Tell City-Perry County Public Library's new parking lot is now open, but there's one small glitch - patrons keep parking in the entrance area.

Library employees noticed the problem after Ruhe Drainage and Excavation Inc. striped the lot last week and removed the first two parking spaces to create an entrance into the new lot.

Board member David Carney said cars parked there block access to the new area and could create a hurdle for cars already parked in the new lot. Mickey Fisher, board president, suggested painting "no parking" or arrows on the asphalt to indicate that it's an entrance and board members questioned why curbs were not put in like the original plan intended.

Library Director Larry Oathout, who was not at the meeting Wednesday because he was attending a certification meeting in Indianapolis, said Thursday the curbs in the original design posed a problem with snow removal and liability, so they were not put in. He added that arrows will be painted to indicate the entrance area.

Other than that, "it's almost done except for the lights," library assistant director Paul Sanders told the board. Lights will be installed at each end of the lot and Sanders noted a change in the drainage between the new and old lots.

Bookmobile's Future

The bookmobile staff and Oathout will soon start the planning process to purchase a new bookmobile, according to his librarian report. The bookmobile, which was purchased in 1994 for about $87,000, was out of service Oct. 15 and Oct. 22-31 because of problems with its generator.

Since 2005, $9,000 has been spent to repair various items, including the generator pump, starter switch and electrical problems.

The generator powers lights, heating and air conditioning when the bookmobile is stopped around the county. Without the generator, the bookmobile doesn't have power for theses items.

However, the schools have adapters where the bus can plug in so it hasn't affected those stops.

Oathout said it takes from three to five years to decide what to get for a new bookmobile, raise the money and have it built.

The cost for the new bookmobile depends on what the staff wants in the bus. Oathout guessed it could cost around $100,000.

Other Business

In other business, health insurance has increased by 28 percent, upping the library's premium from $522 a month to $669. Sanders said they always try to budget more money than what's needed but didn't expect the insurance to increase by this much. "We'll have to move $4,000 from one category to another to cover it and also increase employee contribution from $10 per pay period to $15 to help offset the cost," he added. The board approved the motion.

The Perry County commissioners reappointed Regina Schaefer to the board, adding four years to a term that expires this year.

Longtime board member Norma Rogier, who was appointed by the Tell City-Troy School Corp., will not return for another term.

The library board will submit possible candidates to replace Rogier to the school board for approval in December.

The library board will be recognized at the annual Indiana Library Federation conference in Indianapolis this week for reaching level one of the Library Trustee Recognition Program. Oathout said as a board, there are three levels for them to meet and individual members have four levels.

In order to pass each level, members must meet requirements set by the ILF including attending conferences and meetings.

There were 28 participants with 37 entries in the library's Teen Read Week contest Oct. 15-20. Winners in the Oct. 20 drawing were Emily James, Jenelle Clausen, Emily Poehlein, Jennifer McDaniel, Kayla Swihart and Kayla Seifert.