Nation needs fundamental change

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By The Staff

Hoosiers have been presented with a historic opportunity this year. For the first time in four decades, we will have a voice in choosing a presidential candidate.

We will have a voice in who will guide our nation as we move into a post-Bush world. This election is historic, and we must choose our candidate wisely. I am supporting Barack Obama, and I want to tell you why.

Barack Obama is of a different kind of politics. Sen. Obama has shown the ability to unite voters throughout the political spectrum. When he won his Senate seat in 2004, Barack Obama not only won the heavily Democratic areas around Chicago, he received significant support from the heavily Republican areas in rural southern Illinois.

He unites voters not by tearing down opponents and instilling fear in his followers, he unites voters by giving them hope and inspiring them to work together to push their communities forward.

I support Barack Obama because he had the courage to stand up and oppose Bush's war policies, even when it was politically unpopular to do so. He was able to show the judgment then that so many of us are seeking now.

I support Barack Obama because of his diversity. I know some people are nervous about this subject.

I think Barack Obama's diverse background is his greatest asset. For the past seven years, we've been led by individuals whose backgrounds are utterly lacking in diversity. How's that worked out for us?

Barack Obama's diversity has not only allowed him to see how different we all are, he can also see the common problems that affect us all, despite our many differences. I've witnessed this myself in our state.

The minority populations in the city of Indianapolis are hurting from the exact same problems as the people of rural Perry County. All of these people need jobs. They need health insurance. They need the same support from the government that is given to the wealthy and corporations. Their children need a quality education.

These problems don't discriminate based on race or religion, and the search for someone to fix these problems shouldn't either. I support Barack Obama because he will help the citizens of Indianapolis and the citizens of Perry County. He will help them because he can unite us around common causes and move all of us forward.

I support Barack Obama because none of us, anywhere in this state, can afford a third term for George W. Bush's policies.

I support Barack Obama because our state and our country desperately need a change. We need a fundamental change from our current course. We need a change that will act as a pathfinder back to prosperity. We need a change we can depend on. We need a change we can believe in.

Coyle is a Perry County native and former president of the Perry County Young Democrats. (More opinions about presidential candidates are expressed in letters to the editor in the current print edition.)