My experience cadet teaching

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The vibrant lights are beating down on me, causing trickles of sweat to roll down my neck. To someone who does not know better, it would appear that I am simply flailing my arms in panic, but I am actually displaying what I have learned from cadet teaching for Mrs. Natasha Edmondson’s sixth grade band class.

This year I have had the opportunity to be a part of one of the professional career internship classes. I cadet teach at William Tell Elementary School, which is composed of grades K-6. I have the honor of cadet teaching for Mrs. Edmondson’s sixth-grade band class. I do a lot for the band class: I help teach if Mrs. Edmondson is gone, I prepare lessons, and I conduct for the students. But more importantly, cadet teaching has taught me valuable life lessons.

I conduct for the band or I sometimes stay back and watch and learn from Mrs. Edmondson. If Mrs. Edmondson is absent, I actually teach the class, since a lot of substitute teachers do not know how to conduct or read music. Teaching classes independently is a helpful way for me to prepare to become a teacher. Mrs. Edmondson allows me to teach the class because she wants me to get the most out of my cadet teaching experience. She is a great mentor because she wants to see me succeed.

I even got to conduct for the band at the Christmas concert. Getting up in front of a crowd and conducting taught me how to be confident; I will definitely use that everywhere I go. It also taught me to shake things off if I mess up, a lesson I will need when I am on my own in college. I have learned that if I do not love what I am doing, then I should not be doing it.

While I was up on that stage I knew that if I did not like teaching I would not care about the students, and that is not fair to them. Students need teachers who are passionate about their jobs and want to see their students succeed.

Cadet teaching for Mrs. Edmondson has taught me a lot of things that I will be able to use to pursue my career in education. It has helped me learn responsibility and time management. I have learned how to work with children by watching Mrs. Edmondson interact with her class.

Cadet teaching has definitely helped me with so many things that I will be able to use at college, in school when I am a teacher, and in life.

This has been an amazing learning experience for me. It helped confirm my decision to major in secondary education. I feel as though the internship class has helped me prepare for the real world the most. It has made me realize that I cannot wait to start teaching. The internship class was by far my best decision this year.

Mann is a senior at Tell City Junior-High School.