Monopoly winners take fight to court

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Judge may decide who gets $100,000 prize won at McDonald's

By Vince Luecke

TELL CITY – Two Perry County residents fighting over a jackpot won through a fast-food version of the board game Monopoly has Judge Lucy Goffinet holding the dice in a suit over who will collect $100,000.

A complaint was filed Dec. 4 by Cassandra Litherland, 20, of 619 22nd St., against Randy Howell of 11872 Deer Creek Road.

According to court documents, Litherland alleges she and Howell went to the McDonald’s restaurant in Corydon Oct. 23. Each purchased food items containing a Monopoly game piece as part of a McDonald’s promotion based on the famous board game.  

The two stamps, Golden Avenue and Arches Avenue, constituted a winning combination worth $100,000.

According to the complaint, Litherland and Howell agreed to divide the prize evenly and she gave her stamp to Howell so he could claim the prize. However, she alleges Howell failed to name her as a co-owner and has refused to divide the money. Litherland is seeking $50,000 along with damages, interest and attorney fees.

Litherland’s complaint incudes affidavits from four people who claim to have been told by Litherland and Howell that they planned to evenly divide the winnings.

Goffinet issued a temporary restraining order Dec. 5 barring Howell and his wife from spending or concealing the money. According to court records, attorneys for the two sides reached an agreement on a permanent restraining order before a hearing last week.

A copy of the permanent restraining order restricting what can be done with the money until the case is decided was not available last week.