Marriage needs defended

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In response to the Perry County News’ Nov. 18 editorial “Gay-marriage ban will
place state on wrong path,” I’d like to voice a different opinion.

I agree our country has recently pushed a new trend toward social acceptance of the redefinition of marriage. But just because this is the latest trend doesn’t mean that it is a morally justifiable trend. There are many trends that have come and gone in the history of mankind and the moral test is the most important consideration, not popular support or economic impact.

Since God created man and woman in the Garden of Eden and instituted marriage as between one man and one woman, marriage, so defined, has been the moral anchor and the foundation for family and societal values for thousands of years.

A recent trend to justify different lifestyles does not make those choices morally acceptable.

Just because Hollywood chooses to force its agenda of corruption on America doesn’t mean the majority of Americans cannot distinguish between entertainment and reality.

And the reality for many Americans is that morality, and the time-tested results of marriage and family values, are more important than the latest trend of immoral behavior.

Yes, sometimes, intolerance is bad for business. But the intolerance of our society seems more and more to be aimed towards those with Christian values. Christian values have made this nation strong and prosperous for many years.

Christian morality has brought God’s blessing on this nation.

History has proven that righteousness has always been profitable. Honesty and hard work and traditional moral values and Bible-believing people have made this nation the best in the world.

This latest trend towards intolerance of Christian values is causing the decay and decline of America on many different fronts.

How do you know that a state-passed ban on same-sex marriages will have a negative economic impact?

I would argue that tax rates, quality of education, quality of work force and quality of living conditions would be more important considerations when starting a business in Indiana.

Why is it that states with conservative governors are thriving? Now that is a question worth answering. Maybe a law protecting traditional marriage might actually improve our economy, as companies with family values and people with traditional moral values choose to move to states that promote biblical morality.

“Rights” issues do need to be addressed in our American society. They have been before and will be addressed again.

But changing the definition of marriage between one man and one woman is not the answer. And I think many people would agree with me. Betts is a Perry County resident.