Local poet honors veterans with words

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TELL CITY – Laurie Dinkel, an associate of the Tell City Regional Arts Association, conducted a poetry reading Nov. 9 at the Tell City Star Café on Main Street in Tell City. A few of the poems read at the meeting were written by Doris Yvonne Burst in honor of veterans and were well received, according to those attending. The next meeting will be in March; look for details in the Perry County News. Below are a few of Burst’s poems read Nov. 9.

Tried and True

They came from all walks of life
To one they never knew
To become protectors of our freedom
These men all tried and true.
We hardly even notice them
These men of passing years.
We don’t feel their nightmares or see their hidden tears.
They walk with faltering steps.
Their dark hair turned to gray.
Do we stop and and shake their hand or
Just pass them on our way.
Could we stop for just a moment of
Our busy busy day?
To let them know that we remember and listen to what they say.
Their stories might surprise you
About a life you never knew and how you gained your
Freedom from these heroes brave and true.
Doris Yvonne Burst

None are unknown

There are no unknown soldiers
God knows each and calls him son
Then lifts him gently in His arms
When the battle’s won.
There is no medal, fame nor glory
Like that which God so freely gives
“Yea, though a man shall die
yet surely shall he live.”
If God notes the fallen sparrow
Counts the hairs of every head
How much more will he notice
The sacrifice of our fallen dead.
Through green meadows he will walk
By still waters he will sleep
The sounds of battle now forgotten
Heaven’s glory he shall reap.
There are no forgotten soldiers
They’ve been called home to rest
So weep not for fallen comrades
For they are surely blessed.

Doris Yvonne Burst