LETTER: Zoning changes will provide boost for new business

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Editor’s Note: This letter makes reference to a December 2012 story on the Tell City zoning board’s rezoning of land for storage units along Dauby Lane.

I understand that residents are concerned about the unsightly or unkept units, but I also understand the need for the secured storage units. As residents of a small community, we should do whatever we can to support small businesses that provide a service. The success of their business depends on us and their ability to provide their service, in this case, a clean and secure unit for rent.

Although the support for small businesses is always encouraged, I can see where this project would draw some concerns, mainly because the area is prone to flooding. However, the added retention pond will help elevate some of that concern.

I’m sure this project won’t be taken lightly due to the number of residents and community members who use Dauby Lane as a main access road and since so much development has taken place in that area over the last couple of years.

My only hope is that they use this opportunity to help clean up some of the runoff by using bioretention plants and stormwater-management techniques while the property is under construction and continue to build a better community.

Tell City